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The "Legend" Continues

1998 National Specialty Champion


Joshua's Sand Valley Sam A.K.A. "Cowboy" UCD III, the first OFA "Excellent" (AMB28E39M-T) male Bulldog in the world. The "Cowboy strain" of American bulldog is a complete outcross to the contemporary modern American Bulldog. Contemporary meaning, strains of Bulldogs made popular in the past 30 years by breeders such as Alan Scott, John D. Johnson, Williamson, Painter, Tate, etc.

The "Cowboy strain" is the popular choice of many breeders in America and abroad to widen the American Bulldog gene pool. "Cowboy" winner at the 1998 National Specialty Show as well as an UCD III  Titled Bulldog was truly a remarkable animal.
I've watched this Bulldog knock a 200lb. wild boar off his feet and drag him 20 yards before I could stop him. Cowboy, a real Ol' Time Bulldog, literally caught over 100 wild hogs and never considered giving up on any bad boar. I could then take Cowboy squirrel hunting, tell him to look for'em and he'd look up every tree sniff every trunk and if there was a squirrel around he'd find him. Then if you needed a trail dog for a wounded deer come get Cowboy. Not only would he trail but if the deer tried to jump and run Ol' Cowboy would catch him.

Another aspect that we are extremely proud of, Cowboy has produced many generations of certified hips and for many years was the only OFA Excellent bulldog to produce an Excellent. Now at Joshua Kennels...because of Cowboy we have generations of OFA Excellent bulldogs but, more importantly, generations of ol' fashioned Bulldogs that are willing to do modern day work, such as, show conformation, home protection, Shutzhund, Ring sport, weight pulling etc. 

December 24, 1999, while I and my family were out for dinner, someone came on our property and poisoned Cowboy with anti-freeze. I buried Cowboy Christmas morning.

I don't understand things like this however, God has blessed us with an outstanding son of Cowboy, "Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White" aka Josh. The "Legend" continues!!!!!!!            

National Champion - Joshua's Ol' Southern White
aka "Josh"OFA Excellent, SchH BH, UCDIII

National Champion
Joshua's Sand Valley Sam aka "Cowboy"

See Cowboy in Action
"Cowboy" & "Caleb" catching Monster Wild Boar
Joshua Bulldogs working together, not only together but nose to nose.
Cowboy is featured in the book
"American Bulldogs Stories, Facts and Legends"
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 Cowboy & daughter Rachel 1994
Lem Miller's favorite picture
The Legendary "Cowboy"

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