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NKC National Championship
Champion Joshua's Qarah "Best Female In Show"
Nugget BIS AL5:26:13.jpg
Congratulations to Champion Joshua's Qarah aka "Nugget"
for Winning Best In Show Female and Best In Show
Overall at the Nationals and Alabama Classic 2013.
Nugget, is an outstanding daughter of Joshua's Benjamite
Warrior and Joshua's Rose of Sharon. She is a beautiful
result of many years of breeding our "Ol' Southern White"
line enjoyed by people of many different countries.
Drivey, great temperament and conformation makes
Nugget a true representation of our breeding program.

CH. Joshua's Qarah,
 came back the following day to win Best In Show honors.
Nugget BIS 5-26-13.jpg
Champion Joshua's Qarah winning Best In Show with Judge
Dixie Luckman and Dale Croft ...Click to see (pedigree)


Joshua's Abishag aka "Pinkalicious"
Pink American Bulldog2.jpg
Pink, is
a wonderful producer and is very high intelligence. Ripped and athletic she is a beautiful specimen.
Pink American Bulldog5.jpg
Conformation is beautiful front and back.
Pink American Bulldog7.jpg

Cocoa copy.jpg
Adira aka “Cocoa,” is a beautiful Joshua bred bitch that is also out of National CH. Joshua’s Isaac and CH. Joshua’s Qarah. She has conformation plus and the best temperament available.
Cocoa G.jpgCocoa I.jpg

Cocoa1 copy.jpg

Sarah, is a beautiful “gyp” who is an outstanding example of our breeding program. She has conformation plus and is all bulldog.
Sarah’s sire is Joshua’s Malachi of Laura (Joshua’s Jacob and Dmx's Eve of AS) and  dam is Laura's Yaffa Yasmin aka Jazz. Jazz is out of CH. Joshua’s Walls of Jericho (Nat’l CH. Joshua’s Ol’ Southern White/Joshua’s Imperial Sheba Girl) and Laura’s Panda Bear (Joshua’s Elijah/I get Misty of Joshua).
As you can see, Sarah is really put together...can hardly wait to see her progeny.

Joshua Broods of the Past

Joshua's Shunammite...The Original!

OFA Good, UCDIII (now deceased)

aka "Baby" was the best and most true to "type" Ol' Southern White
that I've ever known. She comes from Uncle Ralph's farm with 90
plus years of breeding behind her. There is absolutely no contemporary
blood in this line at all (Scott, Johnson etc). Always wanting to please and the closer she could get to me the better she liked life.  

Baby, had never seen a protection sleeve when after the ABA National Championship Al Banuelous and Tom Ritchie wanted to test her. Tom was handling and Al was agitating. At the crack of Al's whip Baby began to spin and before Tom could grab her she had slipped her collar running straight for Al. She lungned into the air going for Al's face but he being the pro quickly fed her the sleeve. With Alan Scott, Don Matthews, and Casey Couterier looking on, the conclusion was,
"wow what a bulldog!"

Baby is the dam of Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White, aka "Josh" SchH BH, K-9 Guard, UCD III, OFA Excellent and the foundation dam of our Ol' Southern White lines.

National Champion Joshua's Tabatha

OFA Good, UCDIII (deceased)

Tabatha, was the smartest "gyp" I've ever owned. She would absolutely try anything you asked of her. Catch a cow, boar or anything else you sent her to. She was absolutely a natural. When I placed her in the show ring she never lost. I never needed a leash with her in the ring, a matter of fact, never had to use a leash when she worked cows or hogs either. She just come here knowing she was suppose to stay by my side till I said "whoop go ahead." Once said, she work cattle like a "Cracker Cur" and circle and bay but when one would break and run she'd run up along side then dart in grab that nose flip'em head over heels. Buddy, let me tell you when that cow got back up she'd head straight for the herd and go to the middle of the pack as she didn't want that bulldog on her again.

Tabatha, was out of Nat'l CH. Joshua's Sand Valley Sam aka"Cowboy" and "Kittles Sissy" which made her a half sister to "Josh." I am absolutely convinced there never will be another Cowboy, Shunammite, Josh or Tabatha...believe me I've tried!
Tabatha showing off

Joshua's Imperial Sheba Girl

OFA Excellent, UCDIII (now deceased)

Sheba Girl, trained in Ring Sport by Bill Woody was well trained in obedience, agility and protection. But let me tell you she was bad to the bone on a wild boar. But her real claim to fame was her ability to produce great Joshua bulldogs. With the help of the only stud to ever cover her, Joshua's Ol' Southern White, they produced more Champions, more OFA Excellent and German "A" rated hips than any breeding pair in the world. We sure do miss her.

Croft's Gold Dust of Joshua


When I gave Dusty to my cousin Dale Croft he was hooked. He began taking her to shows where she excelled in the ring winning as she went. I don't remember her losing. She was really put together and could move like a deer. Dusty's sire was none other than the infamous Nat'l CH Joshua's Ol' Southern White and dam was Joshua's Zipporah anouther great bitch of Joshua Kennels past. As a producer, Dusty, produced Joshua's Zamar the most conformationally correct bulldog I've ever had.

Joshua's Zamar
Lolli 3(1).jpg
Joshua's Zamar aka "Lolli Pop" is a line bred Joshua Bulldog that was 2nd to none, now deceased.

Zamar' is a Foundational Hebrew word for Praise found in the Bible meaning "the touching of the strings in instrumental worship".

96 lbs. of Ol' Southern White ... this "Gyp" was the real deal and absolutely, unequivocally Praises the breeding program of Joshua Kennels. Conformation extraordinaire, big, strong, fast, massive bone and built better than most males this female was in a world all by herself. She was the best of the best...but of course I'm kennel blind! Lem
Lolli 5.jpg  
8 OFA Excellent bulldogs in her pedigre and line-bred from the "Josh, Cowboy/Shunammite" lines...

Joshua's Oz


Oz, was given me as a pup for catch training Bill Ashmore's bulldog, "Guiness." She was not from our lines but, after proving herself to be an outstanding bulldog she was used in our breeding program to help straighten the elbows of the Ol' Southern White lines which are normally turned in a little. I gave Oz to cousin and partner Rev. Dale Croft and in his breeding program she contributed evrytime she produced a litter producing such bulldogs as Joshua's Bailey. Oz, was a big, strong, athletic female that turned out to be a great friend to Dale. We miss her very much!

Mt Shasta of Joshua
Shasta was an outstanding daughter of Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White aka "Josh", SchH BH, OFA Excellent, CDIII and Imperial Sheba Girl of Joshua, OFA Excellent, CDIII. Shasta is a show winner, with the great temperament of the Ol' Southern Whites certified OFA Good. An outstanding working bulldog.  Shasta is deceased.

Joshua's Halal
Joshua's Halal is a daughter of National CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White, SchH BH, UCDIII, K-9 Guard, OFA Excellent and Joshua's Imperial Sheba Girl, UCDIII, K-9 Guard, OFA Excellent . She is an outstanding bulldog with the qualities that made bulldogs famous. She is an outstanding producer, a real farm raised bulldog with the right stuff and conformation plus. With double eyeliner (pigment around both eyes)...She is close enough to perfect!!!!!!! Halal is now retired!

Champion Joshua's White Bandit's Love
aka "Baby" SchH BH, GT1

Baby, won "Best in Show"  January 1, 2006 in Ocala, Florida and was also awarded the Degree of NKC GOOD TEMPERAMENT TEST LEVEL 1

Pictured is Baby during Schutzhund training


Baby pictured with Greg Naranjo

Baby is out of Gr.CH. Ostergaard's Diablo, HD/A, Sch 1, BH, AD, ZTP and Joshua's Sheba, HD/A, ZTP who is out of Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White, OFA Excellent, CDIII, SchH BH and Imperial Sheba Girl of Joshua, OFA Excellent, CDIII

Best in Show Female
HOD Baby Winner.jpg
Champion Joshua's White Bandits Love aka "Baby".  Baby received her Championship April 13th 2007 at the Heart of Dixie Show - traditionally the largest American Bulldog Show in the USA. Baby, excels in everything she does!  Due to Schutzhund training she had not been shown in over 2 years ... what a come back!!!

We are proud of "Baby"!

Joshua's Rose of Sharon
rose 3+.jpg
Rose is an awesome daughter of Joshua's Bailey (Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White/Joshua's Oz) and Joshua's Tamar (Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White/Joshua's Matrix).  She has tremendous drive. She is one of many generations of planned line-breeding by Joshua Kennels from the true Ol' Southern White lines of "Cowboy" "Shunammite" "Josh". Breeding the "Best to the Best" has produced this gorgeous female. Conformation as you can see is not missing. She has everything it takes to be a true original "type" bulldog!
rose 4.jpg
Joshua's Ruth...
Ruth is out of National Champion Joshua’s Isaac and Joshua’s Zamar. Ruth, is the culmination of many years of planned breeding and we at Joshua Kennels are not disappointed with our results. She is big, strong and built like a male.

click to see (pedigree)

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